The president of America Barak Hussain Obama loves to interfere into other countries and what they are doing. When we have organizations like UNO and the Security Council for this purpose, as well as OIC USA should not interfere in the internal affairs of any country. Let the affected country approach the UNO if they so desire to solve their problems. I hope Obama would re-think and let the UNO take action if it deems necessary and avoid another World War or destruction of more countries as they have done to Iraq and Afghanistan.

They seem to be on a vengeance mission against the Muslim World starting with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran they are now moving into Syria on one pretext or another. The US president does not care for the UNO, a body which was created in 1945 to resolve world issues. The USA attacked Iraq on the intelligence provided by the CIA, that Iraq had ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ (WMD), which turned out to be a hoax but no one took USA to task over the destruction of a country or killing of a country’s ruler (may he have been a dictator).

The credibility of CIA can be judged when US forces failed to find the so called WMD even after capture of Iraq in 2003. Now the CIA has reported that Syrian government used Chemical weapons against their revolting population which the Syria president denied. So USA is still persistent on attacking Syria so that they can bring in the government of their choice. Most of the US allied countries are now reluctant in supporting Obama's decision and they are very right in disagreeing with Obama after seeing the outcome of the USA's recent interference in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. We all must thank President Putin of Russia for taking a stance as all Muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia are quiet on the matter.


Lahore, September 10.