The recently visit of ADB President Mr. Nakao to Pakistan indicated that ADB could only give $ one billion to one country, for their development projects. In spite of high expectations by our Finance Minister, it is not possible to finance Bhasha dam now with the support of ADB. In other words ‘grapes are sour’ as far as multi billion dollars Bhasha dam is concerned. Whereas World Bank has expressed its decision to finance KBD, having already paid for its feasibility study, but the government is mum, as if this was a taboo word. It is a litmus test for PML-N leadership, who calls himself a tiger, to muster efforts to build consensus, especially in the backdrop of recent devastating floods, to build KBD.

It is located in a non disputed territory and we must not forget that the historic water accord reached in 1991, about distribution of water in any future storage, could not deliver its benefits unless and until KBD is built. As KPK and Punjab cannot avail their share of water and the award would only remain on paper. PML-N supremo could only be called a ‘tiger’ if he could rise above himself to build a consensus on KBD, which would make him a national hero, who achieved a stupendous project to guarantee Pakistan a safe future.


Lahore, September 17.