It pains me to affirm the fact that, in bearing the brunt of political procrastination at the hands of our so called national leaders, the Pakistani nation has indeed been divided. Unity, which was our virtue seems to be almost non-existent. This division has not been brought about by any evil external forces but by our own leaders, who claim to be champions of nationalism. The status quo in Pakistan presents a grim scenario. On one hand we have Pakistanis and their apathetic leaders whose sit-ins are marred by dances, melodies and reiteration of claims which are baseless and without evidences.

Demanding a change, claiming to bring a revolution, they believe that they represent the entire nation, even when they do not have the time to say a few words, let alone do anything for the flood victims. On the other hand victims of the devastating floods, which wreaked havoc and swept away their lives are waiting for help. The irony of the situation is that the self crowned champions of democracy have no time to visit the flood affected areas to show their solidarity with their fellow Pakistanis, nor do they have the heart to collect some donations for the flood victims. They claim to be national leaders and accuse others of holding prejudices but a little soul searching will reveal their apathetic attitude.


Lahore, September 15.