This is with reference to statements by Kaira, Aitzaz etc who are either living in denial, or fail to understand that their party performance is responsible for their dismal performance in 2013 polls and not allegedly large scale rigging for their wipeout. In 2012 the worst factory disaster took place, killing over 250 laborers in Karachi’s Baldia Town and even after two years almost 95% have not received any compensation, what to talk of punishing the culprits. Do they recall even one major financial scam during Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto’s tenure, or any acceptance of palatial gifts by land mafia don of that era to him or his heirs, or something akin to an LPG quota? There was not even a semblance of being discreet during the last five years rule by PPP, when they went out of their way to accumulate as much wealth as they could. Yes their party leaders completed five year tenure, after compromising with the Umpire but not because they proved or showed any good governance.

ZAB’s choice of Rafique Saigol or Nur Khan to head PIA showed good sence while PPP ion its tenure chose corrupt to core, high school dropout cronies, who wrecked havoc on the national airline from 2008 onwards and what of the manner in which poor aged laborer beneficiaries were robbed of their savings and pensions in EOBI? The PPP should thank God that instead of political opponents like Nawabzada Nasrullah, they have to deal with political pygmies, whose rank and file are dominated by tax evading traders, contractors and land grabbers. Their political future lies in a complete reshaping and shuffling of their leadership, with men or women of credibility and honor, instead of the present lot, hostage to personal greed.


Islamabad, September 15.