A: I cant believe that they actually made a movie about that obscene writer Saadat Hasan Manto, and its actually doing well at the box office. This country is surely working its way towards ruin if we go on to appreciate sick-minded individuals and make them larger than life on screens.

S: What are you talking about Ameen?! Saadat Hasan Manto is a national treasure; his writings address the bitter realities of the partition. Yes he was infamous for digging deep into the society, unfurling facets that most people chose to keep hidden, but isn’t that what is required of all great writers and thinkers?

A: How can you support obscenity and call it art? It is just like justifying nude art by saying things like we have to admire the body form to truly appreciate beauty. It is just not acceptable in our religion to appreciate and encourage obscenity. Whether it is in writings or an art form. And Manto definitely falls into that category.

S: Your close mindedness and backwardness baffles me sometimes. Manto talks about the rape and murder and torture than muslims and Hindus inflicted on each other during the partition. Should historians start to censor their writings on the past because it is “too obscene” for our religion? Should people stop highlighting the disgusting crimes that are carried out around u, because they re “too obscene” for you?

A: Those are facts and real life events, discussed to create awareness. This is fiction, unadulterated fiction written to appeal to the sick minded to enjoy the crimes committed during a difficult era in history, you simply cannot compare the two.

S: While you sit here and revel into the obscenity of his writings, the film has already made one crore rupees, think about that when you criticise art form next time.

A: My point exactly. Making money off of obscenity is exactly why it should be condemned in the first place.