LAHORE - Workers in the country have demanded of the Punjab Chief Minister to pay compensation to the families of those labourers who were buried alive following an explosion at a factory in Lahore, and intervene to stop the tragic fatal and non-fatal accidents of labourers during work in industrial enterprises of the province.

The demand was raised in a meeting of All Pakistan Workers Confederation which held in Bakthiar Labour Hall yesterday.

The meeting noted that recent tragic death of three labourers including two brothers in an accident in a known bakery production unit and also deaths of workers in transport, railways and electricity departments and in fields of mining, chemical, construction and engineering and other industries in past spoke itself the agony of the workers.

It demanded of Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif to pay Rs2.5 million as special compensation to the families of the factory collapse victims.

The workers condemned the imposition of ban on trade union movement in Railway on the pretext of Defense Work of Railway.

It was pointed that the said assets of the government were not constitutionally valid since the workers had been granted fundamental right to form trade union under article 17/A Constitution of Pakistan in ILO Convention No. 87 and 98 ratified by the Government of Pakistan.

“Railways is a public utility and has been running commercially. The right of Free Trade Union was even available in the colonial period to Railways workers, therefore we urge the Prime Minister of Pakistan to withdraw this unconstitutional and invalid restrictions imposed upon the fundamental rights of the workers,” the workers demanded.