Rawalpindi - Encroachments in several areas, including Gawalmandi, Aahata Mithu Khan and Saddar are on the rise.

Encroachments in different areas of RCB, including Saddar Bazaar, Tench Bhatta, Peoples Colony, Chungi No 22, Dhoke Syedan Chowk and other areas have become a big problem not only for motorists but also for the residents of these areas while the concerned authorities are taking no action. One can observe the traffic jams in many areas just because of the encroachments.

The residents told this agency that encroachments are the main reason behind traffic jams, as the encroachers have occupied almost half of the road. Not only the motorists, but the pedestrians are also facing lots of problems because of the encroachments.

“The concerned authorities should play their effective role to remove these encroachments from the roads for smooth flow of traffic,” they added.

Altaf, a resident of Gawalmandi said that one could see the traffic mess in the area and this is only because of the motor workshops as they have occupied both sides of the road and left no space for pedestrians that causes worst traffic jams.

Naveed, another resident said, this is the responsibility of authorities to take action against such encroachers.

The residents of areas are facing great difficulties due to roadside auto workshops in many areas like Gawalmandi, Aahata Mithu Khan, Adamjee Road, Ratta Road, and Transit Camp. These workshops have encroached upon most of the footpaths.

The vehicles of customers are parked in front of auto workshops on the roads further narrowing the passage for the road traffic while all the repair work of faulty vehicles is done on the roads.