CHITRAL-Lowari Top Road, the only road linking Chitral to other parts of the country, has become a death trap due to its worst condition, leaving people with no choice but to live under dire circumstances.

According to the locals, they are facing many difficulties due to shabby condition of the road. They expressed grave concerns over the number of accidents happen every other day due to poor condition of the road. They regretted that there are no safety barriers or wall placed along the road which, sometimes, cause vehicles skidded off the road and fall into the deep gorge. On the other hand, people travelling to Chitral complain that the security personnel stop them on several points for checking, causing their vehicles remain stranded on the road due to overflowing streams, come from the Meenah Khor nullah. “A day before Eidul Azha, a passenger van skidded off the road and overturned which caused four deaths and left 13 passengers with critical injuries,” they informed.

The local people and travellers have called on the federal government and the National Highways Authority (NHA) to ensure immediate repair to the road to prevent such incidents in future.