ISLAMABAD: Over 690 MW quantum of electricity was added to the national grid during the year 2016.

According to official sources, out of the total 300 MW solar energy was added to the system while additionally, 390 MW had been added to the national grid through rehabilitation of three damaged units at Guddu.

The three solar projects included Appolo Solar (100 MW), Best Green Solar (100 MW) and Crest Energy Solar (100 MW).

To a question, they said a uniform schedule of load shedding of electricity was being implemented throughout the country.

Under the uniform schedule, 6-8 hours power load-shedding was being carried out in urban and rural area respectively with zero hour load-shedding to the industry.

However, the duration of load shedding might vary in some areas due to local constraints, or higher incidence of thefts or non payments, they said.