In one of my earlier communications which I wrote about a couple of months ago, I pointed out to two instances of policies of the present Interior Minister and the Government of Pakistan towards the Indian Agency, RAW, which are clearly against the interest of Pakistan. 

Some time ago, a confirmed RAW agent, named Kulbhoshan, was arrested in Pakistan running a network against the stability of Pakistan. However, our Interior Minister is keeping quiet in this matter and no action has been initiated against him so far. 

Two, there have been many statements and evidences to the effect that MQM has been receiving funds from RAW and working against Pakistan. These charges may be true or false, but the Minister has refused to start any inquiry in this matter. 

Recently, a third similar action of the Interior Minister confirms that his policies of protecting the enemies of Pakistan, is continuing shamelessly. Anti-Pakistan slogans have been raised by the MQM leader, Altaf Hussain. These are so obvious that no further inquiry is needed. However, two actions have been initiated which show that Pakistan government has no interest in taking any action against those who have raised slogans against Pakistan. One, instead of initiating any action against him in Pakistan courts under Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the case against Altaf Hussain has been referred to the British government for taking action against him as if the British government is working under the Interior Minister of Pakistan, and it will take action on his request. And two, the Party leaders and workers who have been involved in August 22 hostility, have been released as if they are innocent. 

Altaf Hussain left Pakistan 24 years ago when there were serious charges against him. Instead of initiating any legal action against him, he was allowed to leave Pakistan to save him from any legal procedure. The British government not only welcomed him, but he was given the British citizenship in spite of all criminal charges against him in Pakistan. Later, no action was taken by the British government against him when hundreds of thousands worth of British currency was recovered from his residence in London. Even the evidences of his involvement in Imran Farooq murder case have been ignored. These actions show the policy of the British government towards Altaf Hussain. So, the outcome of referring the case of anti-Pakistan slogans to the British government is so obvious. 

When the top leader of a political party is involved in crimes, the other party leaders working with him for decades, cannot be exonerated from the crimes of their top leader. They have to face at least the charges as crime abettors. However, in the present scenario, the case against Altaf Hussain has been referred to the British government and his party leaders have been released, which amounts to saving Altaf Hussain and his cronies. 

The Pakistan government appears to be helping the enemies of Pakistan. The unfortunate situation is that there seems to be nobody in Pakistan who can check these actions of the Pakistan government. 


Lahore, September 1.