ISLAMABAD - PTI Chairman Imran Khan Sunday asked the party workers from all over Pakistan to start leaving for Raiwind from September 24 to join ‘the biggest-ever anti-government peaceful protest’ in Pakistan’s history on September 30 at Raiwind.

This major move, seen by some as dangerous and untimely, will apparently take the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s campaign to bring the ‘corrupt rulers’ under accountability microscope to its highest point.

“Raiwind is not anybody’s ancestral estate… it is part of Pakistan. Raiwind March will start from all over Pakistan on September 24,” Khan said as he declared it a war for Pakistan’s future while addressing the workers convention at Bani Gala in the capital.

Almost all the opposition parties were united on the question of Panama probe and holding PM and his family accountable. But they expressed reservations about the location of the rally with Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, Khursheed Shah saying they will not support the idea of staging a demonstration outside the residence of any opponent.

The PTI, in a last ditch attempt to get opposition parties on board, refuted the impression that they would be laying a virtual siege around the residence of prime minister at Jati Umrah. But none of the opposition parties has so far given any commitment to join PTI rally.

Imran Khan asked the party workers to contact farmers, labourers, professionals, women, youth and students and convince them to be part of the anti-corruption campaign against the government.

“Ask them (Pakistanis) to stand for their rights”, Khan directed the party workers as he warned ‘Nawaz Sharif lovers’ to refrain from using force to stop the marchers.

“In 20 years, whenever we have hit the streets we have always remained peaceful - from the dharna (in Islamabad) to our rallies now. I politely request their Gullus (vandals) not to try anything funny, because they will get what they deserve”, Khan warned.

Expressing concern over the ‘preparations’ by the ‘Nawaz Sharif lovers’ to stop PTI marchers, Khan challenged their gallantry, saying where they were in 2008 when Nawaz was bundled into a plane as he tried to come out of Islamabad airport.

He also asked Punjab Police not to implement illegal orders of the rulers and warned if they tried to stop them, they would face reaction. He said party workers would stage protest in front of the police station which attempted to pick party workers before the march.

“If police resorted to violence in Raiwind, the youth will fight it out and all the responsibility would be on the police, government and the two brothers – Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif”, he warned.

Khan said the campaign against government would not stop even after Raiwind March as he would not let it go until the corrupt are taken to task. The party would remain on roads until Nawaz Sharif is held accountable, said, adding that it is their right to raise voice against corruption.

Justifying party’s campaign against government, Khan said he found all doors of justice shut. He said NAB, ECP and Supreme Court did nothing about Panama leaks. He said there is an estimated corruption of Rs12 billion daily in Pakistan, a considerable chunk of which would be spent to rig next elections. He said ECP did not punish even a single official over irregularities pointed out by the judicial commission.

Replying the ruling party’s satirical remarks that Imran wants to become prime minister, he said the people of Iceland who took to streets did not want to become PM.

Imran Khan said PTI would not side with the powers that support status quo and wait till 2018 elections. “We would not let them (PML-N) ruin democratic institutions.”