Islamabad - The trend of scooty driving is getting popularity gradually in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The scooty a most convenient and affordable mean of communication is becoming famous in the twin city.

A big women workforce has entered in job market, entrepreneurship during last few years who have a long standing demand of decent transport.

After the start of Metro bus service, their demand met to some extend, but the problem still there at the routes not covered by it. Besides that, women also face difficulty to visit nearby destinations, for daily household needs like, markets, banks, post offices, hospitals which are not at walking distance.

Mawish Fakhar, who recently bought a scooty, shared that she worked at a private office at zero point but she had to face great difficulty in reaching her office.

She stated that she lives in Sector G-5 and there is no other option to go to office than to hire a cab which cost a big chunk of her salary.

“Finally I bought a scooty which make my life so easy and comfortable,” she said. She added: “Now I can reach office in a short time of 10 minutes only, do my market, bank and other works easily.”

“My fatigue reduced to half and I need not to wait for anyone to take me somewhere,” she said. “My scooty is only 49CC, it is so light, easy to drive, it has no paddle, no gear,” she said.

Saadia Khalid, a mother of seven-year-old girl said: “Scooty is not a fashion, it is a necessity,” adding: “I hired a carry van for pick and drop of my daughter but now I do this easily through my scooty and save my money.” It also saved the time which was wasted due to long walks for different small works like shopping, paying bills, visiting a doctor etc.

Mobility is a major issue for women empowerment and females who step out of the homes for going to school, colleges, tuition center, offices, and other places are easily facilitated through scooties, as it is easy, affordable and need of the hour.