LDA will soon hire the services of two advocates, Khawaja Harris and Mustafa Ramday, for pleading its Orange Line case in the court. Both lawyers will get more than Rs20 million to defend the project. The court has halted the Orange Line project, as it would threaten the historic sites in the city. It reminds me of an old case when Saifur Rehman, the then chairman of Ehtesab bureau, along with a fast talking bureaucrat, visited Switzerland to recover wealth looted by Benazir Bhutto and her husband. Saif and his deputy, the bureaucrat, visited Switzerland innumerable times and spent millions on their travel and lodging in top hotels. The result was zilch. Now the two lawyers will pocket more than 10 million each. Result? Nothing. Moreover, Khawaja Hassaan, CM’s right hand man, has sanctioned huge amounts to develop three projects. One of them is to beautify Shadman underpass with paintwork and lighting at an exorbitant cost of Rs5.1 million. Another project is to widen Defence Road from Labour Colony on Raiwind Road to Shahkam Chowk at the cost of Rs736 million. But when will the widening of Multan road from Motorway overhead bridge to Chung take place? Serving as a main entry to enter and exit the provincial capital, it remains choked with traffic; therefore, its widening is ten times more important than the widening of Defence Road. Will the Punjab government redefine its priorities? 


Lahore, September 1.