LAHORE:-The working class has urged the Punjab Chief Minister to bring to a halt tragic incidents befalling the industrial workers every now and then due to unsafe working conditions in the industrial units of the province. The tragic deaths of three workers, including two brothers, in a factory in Lahore on Saturday and other accidents taking place in transport, railway, mining, chemical, construction, engineering and other sectors speaks for the agony of workers.–PR

These demands were raised at a meeting of All Pakistan Workers’ Confederation held at Bakhtiar Labour Hall, here on Sunday.

The meeting was addressed by Khurshid Ahmed General Secretary, Rubina Jamil President, Khushi Muhammad Khokhar, Niaz Khan, Muhammad Anwar and others.

The chief minister was requested to arrange Rs2.5 million for dependents of the victims as special compensation.

Through another resolution, the workers condemned the imposition of ban on trade union’s movement in Pakistan Railways on the pretext of defence work.

It was pointed out that the said orders of the government were not constitutionally valid since the workers had been granted the right to form trade union under Article 17/A of the Constitution of Pakistan in lLO Convention No. 87 and 98 ratified by the Government of Pakistan.