Keeray Makoray is a band that started off covering The Beatles "While my Guitar Gently Weeps" at a Beatles tribute and ended up recording originals at one of the band members home studio.

The music at first was much inspired by British metal band, Iron Maiden, but then gradually evolved into Progressive Metal. The enthusiasm this band carries and the never-ending spirit it imbibes on the stage while performing is simply outstanding. In an exclusive interview with The Nation ‘Keeray Makoray’, tells us about their journey in the music. Following are the excerpts of the interview with band member Syed Misbah Uddin:

How did you choose your band name? Where did it come from?

Our Band name came to us from the confines of the black hole powering our galaxy. We ourselves don't quite understand how it happened but it took us a while to figure this out. We very troubled with what to name our band so "Keeray Makoray" was suggested to us by the universe itself.

Tell us something about the background of your band?

Altamash Sever (vocalist) and I founded the band. It started off as a joke but after we played our first gig together, we thought we ought to continue with this band. 

You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favourite part about the process?

All of the band mates have different musical tastes which have evolved over time. Some of us listen to jazz funk, some are into progressive rock and some like listening to heavy metal. So our music is an amalgam of all these varying tastes which sort of is what inspires us. 

Do you ever find yourself unable to express your creativity to the fullest? What kind of things restrain you?

Sometimes when you're playing music for a long time, people start expecting a certain style of music from you. This can be quite a restrain as it can restrict your musical boundaries. An artist must not give in to others perception of their art and try to experiment and grow. 

Besides music, is there another passion you have? What motivates you to pursue music as career?

Yes, I like to write and make films, Altamash is doing fine arts from NCA, Luke (Guitarist) is busy becoming a doctor, our bassist likes to sketch and our drummers Yusuf and Daud Ramay are wholly focused on their music. Pursuing a career in music would be great but we're very skeptical about making a career out of music in Pakistan. We feel that to really enjoy making music, we need to be true to ourselves and create music which we ourselves would enjoy.

How easy or how hard it is to be a rock band in Pakistan?

There can be many kinds of Rock bands. If you're Umair Jaswal, you can be very popular and make lots of money. But if you're Sikandar Ka Mandir or Poor Rich Boy, there is not much hope because you're not making music to cater to the masses, rather making music that is true to yourself. 

Are there musicians and song writers you seek information from?

I would love to meet Nai Palm from Hiatus Kaiyote and interrogate her about her origins. I do not believe she is from this planet. I would do the same with Micheal Jackson if he was alive. 

Which song of yours did you have most fun singing and are particularly proud of?

We're currently coming out with an album which should be complete before the end of September. One of our songs in that album is called "Sun". We love this track because it's about the absurdity of our existence and no section of the track is repeated. We love playing that track and really hope our listeners would like it. 

What goals and plans do you hope to achieve in coming future?

We hope to make more music and making our own studio from the money we make from our boring day jobs so that we can continue making music for the rest of our lives until we die. 

What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?

Fame and fortune would be nice but also unrealistic. Perhaps we'll launch a project specifically target to appeal to the wider audience and get some fame and fortune through it, but that wouldn't be us. 

Would you like to share about your upcoming projects?

We're going to be releasing a music video for our song "Noni" in October along with the whole album.