Around 1.15 million Pakistanis are contributing in rising global freelance economy, reported Asia segment of on Wednesday.

Pakistan is contributing in most in-demand job skills in Graphic Design, PHP, Website Design, Logo Design, and HTML.

While talking to The Nation Asia's Communications Manager Helma Kusuma said, "World’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace is and it has hit 30 million users for the first time ever, a major milestone that reveals the rise of new ways of working across the globe."

One of its Pakistani users is Naveed Ali who is a Graphic Designer, left his monthly US $108 job to freelance for a better life. Naveed said, "My earnings as a freelancer were much more lucrative than my full-time job. I then built my own company, and hired four team members. It has been eight years since we started and we have no plans of stopping."

There are many users like Naveed who are tapping into this new world of work and transforming their lives.

While Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology & Tourism (YASAT)’s joint project, “eRozgaar Program” has trained more than 3500 candidates into digital skills of the future.

Currently, 23 centers have become operational across the province of Punjab in various universities and educational institutions with duly equipped labs. Among these centers, three are dedicated for females, which started in the mid of 2017 while more than 3,500 candidates have been trained and now earning more than PKR 50 million.

Pakistan being World’s 6th largest country, with the best facilities and remarkable resources, better than many institutions around the globe, possesses excellent youth potential to move forward and grab the economic opportunities through freelancing under the e-Rozgaar program.

In freelancing, Pakistan stands third among the World community by earning around US $1 billion, which is expected to increase to US $360 million by earning $100 per day per person with the 10,000 trainees selected for three-month programme for freelance self-employment. Facebook has also developed a specialized course track as per the needs of e-Rozgaar.