It has been observed that the private schools exorbitant charge examinations fees from students during examination days. Recently, the subject school charged Rs: 1650/- for Exams from students that is definitely a big amount for those parents who live below the poverty line and hardly survive to spend their live happily. After bearing inflated monthly fees, the school management steep charge the examination fee from parents as well. In the inflation and routine prize hike on numerous products, the masses of low salaried can’t afford these fees. The expenditure of exams stationery during examination is not much high as the school management surcharged it from parents. 

The slogan ‘Education for All’ can’t gain through excessive fees structure in private Schools. The low salaried or those parents who lives below the poverty line surely halt their children from going to school. It will absolutely create ignorance in every society. 

The management of private schools should ponder on it before implementation so that every parent could send their children to school to ensure the eradication of poverty and ignorance. 


Hyderabad, Sindh, August 30.