LOS ANGELES-Anna Faris says cooking meals with the help of her son has helped her form a ‘’really close’’ bond with him. The 41-year-old actress recently partnered with Uncle Ben’s for the Homework Pass Challenge - which allows children to swap tedious after-school activities with spending time in the kitchen - and has said her six-year-old son Jack loves to help her out with the cooking, and is even more willing to eat the foods that he’s helped plate up. Anna - who shares her son with estranged husband Chris Pratt - said: ‘’I grew up cooking with my mom, and it was such an important bonding time for me. My mom is a great cook, I love to cook but I’m not great. ‘’I started cooking with Jack at a really young age, and he loves it. It’s an activity that we can do together where I feel really close to him. I’ve also found that when he helps cook something, he’ll eat it.’’ The ‘Mom’ star is eager for other parents to try cooking with the help of their children, through the Homework Pass scheme which is currently underway in 12 schools across the US. She added to Us Weekly magazine: ‘’It’s such a great idea. It makes kids feel like they get to spend time with their families without doing homework, but they are learning the whole time. For me, the family time is just so important.’’ Meanwhile, the ‘House Bunny’ actress recently admitted she loves to embarrass her son, as he’s now getting to the age where he believes he’s too cool for his mother, and no longer tells her he loves her in public. She said: ‘’I think I always embarrass my son ... Six months ago we would do this little game where I would say, ‘I love you to the moon and back’ and he would say ‘I love you to Jupiter and back’ and I would say ‘I love you to Uranus and back!’

‘’Recently he’s stopped doing that. I found myself doing that in public to him and I could tell that he was getting embarrassed. He’s like, ‘Mom, chill!’’’