The country of Saudi Arabia hosts a great sea of Muslim-pilgrims from across the globe every year on the precious and pious occasion of Hajj. She has been organizing and managing this religious event for thousands of years with prominent changes and improvements in its conduct every year. However, she encounters some grieving incidents while Hajj-performance.

This year, according to the ministry officials, 184210 Pakistani pilgrims had reached Saudi Arabia- under government and private program- to perform Hajj. Of this number, 42 pilgrims- including 30 male and 12 female, aged between early 40s and late 80s- have died during this religious ritual. Most of them died of suffocation or in road accidents. Last year, 180 Pakistani pilgrims had died during Hajj, showing 80% decline in deaths this year. Being Muslims, we truly hope and pray for Saudi Arabia to be strong enough to take constant active measures against happening of such fatalities


Naudero, August 30.