KHANEWAL/MULTAN - An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) crashed here in fields in Mauza Rai Pur, in the remit of Adda 12 Meel Police, Tehsil Kabirwala, in the wee hours of Tuesday. No loss of life or damage to property occurred in the incident.

Sources informed that the drone was on a routine flight when it encountered some technical fault and crashed. Pakistan Army officers from Multan Cantt and local police personnel rushed to the scene of the crash, some 30km from here.

Sources said that the Adda 12 Meel police took the drone into custody and shifted it to police station. According to police sources that the UAV/drone took off from Mangla and was on a routine flight when developed some technical fault. Resultantly, it disconnected from the control room and crashed in Mauza Rai Pur. According to Pak Army officer, technical team will reach the scene soon who after clearance will take back the UAV/drone. Investigation was underway into the incident till filing of this report.