The savagism in Pakistan has left no limits. Due to our evil deeds, we are notorious all over the world. One can assume the intensification of disdain for Pakistanis we are seen in the airports of any other countries. The situation becomes too much perishing when the subjects of these actions are our so called political leaders. On the very other side, our prime minister Imran Khan with our Pak Army is trying the best in making Pakistan a loving and peaceful country.

Attaur Rehman, member of Punjab assembly (PP-210) and leader of Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz (PML-N) has been sexually assaulting a student from Lahore for over 11 months. He repeatedly raped the first year student of MSCS at the National College Of Business Administration and Economics (NCBAE) in Multan. Moreover, he then offered Rs 70 million to the student. The story begins here that the girl declined the offer but still the police is not willing to register FIR against the powerful politician. Here it shows that how the police is incompetent and slave of such politicians.

The party has yet not taken any step against the member.