GHOTKI    -   Ghotki police on Tuesday launched a massive crackdown on unregistered vehicles especially motorbikes throughout district.

According to a press release issued by SSP office, police launched crackdown on unregistered vehicles in various cities including Ghotki, Mirpur Mathelo, Daharki, Ubbaro, Panoaqil and other towns.

As per release, 300 illegal number plates were removed while 40 bikes were impounded due to non availability of complete documents from which 25 bikes were handed over to owners after verification. Police also claimed that 60 tinted glasses were also removed from various cars, jeeps and other vehicles.

When contacted to SSP Ghotki Dr Farrukh Ali Lanjar, he told to The Nation that it was complained that there was hundreds of vehicles which had been running with fake number plates for several years. It was observed that due to negligence of local police the role of bike always had remained surfaced in any criminal activity he added. He further said that the crackdown will be continued till a single bike or vehicle will run without original number plate throughout district.