KARACHI   -  Non-availability of dog-bite vaccine in Sindh has taken yet another innocent life and provincial rulers are wholly responsible for this death, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter president and leader of parliamentary party in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh.

Addressing a media conference in the committee room of Sindh Assembly on Wednesday, flanked by MPAs Dua Bhutto, Jamal Siddiquie and Shahnawaz Jadoon, Mehfooz Ursani he said in Sakrand a vaccine center was established with a cost of Rs 40 million, but 500 vials of vaccines produced by this center was not even collected and utilised. He said the death of innocent child Mir Hassan due to non-availability of vaccine is another tragedy and undeniable proof of the glaring failure of Sindh health department. Talking about the tragedy of Kasur, he said he would ask Punjab chief minister and IGP to sack anti-social elements that were recruited in Punjab Police by Nawaz Sharif government. He said they feel the pain of such tragedies irrespective of where they happen. He said had the killer of Zainab hanged in public such incidents would not have taken place.

He said the mentally challenged youth, Salahuddin, had also asked from the Punjab police that who had taught them such severe torture. He said there was a need to improve police order in Punjab also. He said those involved in crimes against children should be publically hanged.

Haleem Adil said corruption is the biggest curse of our society. He said the dog-bite vaccine was not administered to poor boy Mir Hassan Abro of Shikarpur. He said his father told him that when they rushed their son to hospital they did not administered him dog-bite vaccine. He said in Sindh there was the rule of “Section 420”. He said poor Mir Hassan was as precious child for his parents, as the children of Bibi, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are for their parents. He said he had already told in Sindh Assembly on August 21 that there was no vaccine available in Larkana.

Haleem Adil said that Mukesh Kumar Chawla was more loyal than the king and he always opposes the matter of public importance in Sindh assembly. He said Mukesh Kumar only speaks in favor of the thieves and dacoits. He had made whole Sindh alcoholic as he patronizes drinking culture.

He said he would also call on the parents of Nimarta. He said the VC of Chandka University was deputed by the present regime. He alleged that her son is involved in corruption to get medical students passed after taking bribe from them. He said the rulers have even no respect for a college that is named after Aseefa. He said 70percent government ambulances are used to buy groceries and run errands for the homes of doctors. These ambulances; however, use government petrol.

Haleem Adil said in almost 99 percent government hospitals of Sindh the dog-bite vaccine is not available. He said the result of 32 colleges in the megacity is zero, which shows the performance of Sindh education department. He said Ali Hassan Zardari is involved in mega corruption in Sindh irrigation department. He said illegal payments of Rs10billion were made and now the NAB has taken a notice of this huge corruption.

He said now every DC was given Rs 50 million to lift garbage which seems a new way of corruption. He said who would audit these funds. He advised the DCs to remain away from the garbage politics.