KARACHI           -      The Sindh government has estimated an initial requirement of around Rs 76 billion to rehabilitate 2.48 million rain-affected people, including paying them compensation for loss of lives, houses and cattle.

This emerged in a meeting held between Sindh government representatives and United Nation Pakistan delegation which met here at the CM House, said a statement on Friday.

The Sindh government was represented by provincial ministers, Makhdoom Mahboob, Syed Nasir Shah, Advisor law Murtaza Wahab, Chief Secretary Mumtaz Shah, SMBR Qazi Shahid Parvez, PSCM Sajid Jamal Abro and Adl secretary Fayaz Jatoi. The UN delegation members were Julien Harneis Humanitarian Coordinator, UN Pakistan, Chris Kaye WFP Country Director, Cristina Brugiolo Chief Field Office UNICEF, Tanvir Illahi of UNOCHA, Dr Aftab Bhatti provincial head of WFP and Imran Leghari of UNRCO.

The UN delegation was given a detailed briefing by Sindh Minister for Revenue Makhdoom Mahboob, Chief Secretary Mumtaz Shah and SMBR Qazi Shahid Parvaiz.

The delegation was told that 743.01 rain fall to 73.6 mm was recorded in different areas of the province which caused havoc in different areas. Therefore, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah declared 20 districts as calamity-hit areas.

Sindh Chief Secretary Mumtaz Shah disclosed that 136 people died due heavy rains, 86 sustained multiple injuries, 15,233 villages were badly affected, 2,488,616 people had been displaced, crops standing over 1,094,150 acres washed away, 5729 pacca houses damaged completely, 71,614 katcha houses collapsed completely, 10,504 pacca houses damaged partially, 126,674 katcha houses damaged partially and 45961 cattle perished.

The Chief Secretary said that 73 bread earners died in the heavy rains and their compensation had been decided at Rs 500,000 each and the amount would come to Rs 36,500,000.

There were 63 non-bread earners who lost their lives and their compensation would be Rs 18,900,000 at the rate of Rs 300,000 each.

The rains injured 86 persons seriously and their compensation had been estimated at Rs 8,600,000 at a rate of Rs 100,000 each. Similarly, reconstruction of 5729 pacca houses collapsed during rains would cost Rs 1,145,800,000 at a rate of Rs 200,000 each house.

The repair of 10,504 partially damaged pacca houses would cost around Rs 1,050,400,000 at a rate of Rs 100,000 each house.

The reconstruction of 71,614 katcha houses at a rate of 100,000 each would cost Rs 7,161,400,000. The repair of 126,674 damaged katcha houses would cost Rs 6,333,700,000 at a rate of Rs 50,000 each.

21,000 cattle such as cow, buffalo, horse and came perished in the rains and their compensation has been fixed at Rs 50,000 each and the amount would come to Rs 1,050,000,000.

Some 24961 sheep/goat/donkey have died and their compensation has been fixed at Rs10,000 and the total amount would come to Rs 249,610,000.

In this way the total amount required to rehabilitate the affected people would be Rs 67,054,910,000.

Sindh Minister Revenue Makhdoom Mahboob said that the provincial government from its own resources had extended maximum support to the people displaced due to heavy downpour.

“The support made so far was not enough and there was wide gap between the supplies of tents, ration bags, mosquito nets, Jerry Cans, kitchen sets, animal mosquito nets and taruline sheets,” he said and added over Rs1 billion was required to meet the requirements of the homeless people living on the sand dunes.

The UN delegation members told the Sindh government that they had visited all the affected areas of Karachi, Mirpurkhas and Hyderabad divisions. “The condition of the affected areas and the people and their cattle was quite painful,” they said.

The UN delegation assured the Sindh government of their full support and cooperation to provide relief to the affected people and rehabilitate them.

The delegation also urged the other donor agencies to come over, visit the area and assess the situation and support the poor people.