No two opinions  find in this fact that social media has possessed an ineluctable role in everyone’s life. 

Everybody is obsessed with unlimited apps introduced on social media. As it is an acknowledged fact that every coin has two sides. 

Similarly social media is also being proved a blessing as well as curse. Today social media has acquired the status of family member in every house throughout the world. In the absence of social media everyone feels himself lonely and restless which is quite alarming.  Nobody can deny this bitter reality that social media has degenerated the moral foundation of a society. Along with it, the family system has also deteriorated. 

In this fast technology ridden world, nobody has time for others. Although in the past centuries, people performed all their tasks with their hands  and still had enough time to conversate with each other and to develop a social circle. 

But sad is the fact today every task is performed through machines, still nobody has time to conversate even with family members.   Reason is the unbridled use of social media. It seems social media is  playing the role of oxygen. We start our morning by using it and also finish our day by scrolling the screen.  The worst effect of social media can be seen in our young generation who is considered the economic engine and bright future of any nation. 

But this monster of social media has enveloped the whole generation very tightly in its paws.  Owing to it, our young generation waste its  precious  time as well live in world of dreams. 

When dreams don’t come into reality, different sort of crimes peep in society. Moreover, obscenity and vulgarity penetrating in society is also the repercussion of using social media without any restrictions.  Its negative use also imparts its destructive influence upon education. Not only youngsters but  also  school  going children have been skilled  in using social media. They prioritise to have access to social media rather than their studies. 

The more bitter fact is that today everyone is  alone  inspite  of living in family system. If four or five members are sitting in a collective room, they don’t share their problems or enjoy with each other  rather  they are busy in social media where they have long list of friends. 

Sarcastically speaking, they share pleasures and sorrows of those strangers on social  media  instead of their own blood relations. Here the question arises who is responsible for these  unfavourable  circumstances. Obviously “We”.  We ourselves  are responsible. If we revolve  eyes around our surroundings we observe that parents don’t bother to keep an eye on their  children’s   activities  rather parents are also accustomed to this curse. 

They themselves buy mobiles and other gadgets  for their children and  allow them to use social means without any restriction and impunity.  Today every  young  boy or girl is obsessed with Tik Tok,  which proved hazardous  app on social media.  Many sad incidents occurred on account  of excessive use of Tik Tok.  Everyone has gone far from Islamic  and social values. Western culture has shrouded the eastern culture and Islamic civilization. 

If this unlimited use of social media  is not stopped it will have deletrious effects on our society. 

Unequivocally social media has positive effects too. It has revolutionised the world. The world has transformed into global village by virtue of it.  It has shortened the thousand miles distance into seconds. It provides Mini Parliament to the whole world where different issues are discussed and their solutions are devised. 

It is the most effective source of communication, business, education, online earning, shopping  and many more.  In short, the quintessence is that nothing is good or bad rather its way of use or implementation falls it in the list of good or bad.

Therefore, it depicts that social media was also invented as blessing or boon but it’s wrong use has converted it into bane or curse.