Of late, the provincial governments in Pakistan are also investing in providing better public transport infrastructure. That many problems arise due to the lack of subsidised public transport and monopoly of private bus services can be seen with the naked eye. Undoubtedly, the residents of Karachi have suffered long enough due to inadequate public transport facilities. It seems, however, that the Karachites will soon see some relief in this regard. Turkey wants to help the city administration in starting a tram service in the metropolitan. The project will cater to the transport needs of the residents of Karachi at two of its busiest arteries, i.e., M.A. Jinnah Road and I.I. Chundrigar Road.

If this project materialises, the unbearable pressure of vehicles during office hours on these two roads will reduce significantly. Facilitating the public with better transport services is considered one of the fundamental responsibilities of any government. It is important to understand the direct link between better public transportation and economic growth. The standard practice in Pakistan for mitigating the urban transport problems is by building more extensive and better roads. But the principles of sustainable transport insist on low-cost public transport. Hopefully, with the completion of the tram project and the successful launch of it, the trend will change for the better.

Nonetheless, as sound and practical the tram idea looks, it also demands greater attention to the details. For instituting the project, there is a greater need for road redevelopment and implementing traffic laws to the letter. In the absence of these requirements, public transport can turn into a severe risk on the road than ever before. Therefore, to avoid any catastrophe, the city administration should do it the right way. The local government must not deliberate on every aspect of the given environment in which the tram system will operate. Without thinking about infrastructure, traffic, and adhering to safety mechanisms, the tram system can become an utter failure in Karachi.