ISLAMABAD    -   PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal has said the Opposition has completely cooperated in passing 18 bills for Pakistan’s FATF interest, but it will not allow anyone to turn Pakistan into a fascist state with dictatorial rule in the name of FATF.

Nine bills were passed with consensus, two unaltered, seven bills were such blunders by the government that they had no choice but to include all amendments to correct their blunders and they were then also passed with consensus.

“The legislation over which the opposition disagrees with the government has nothing to do with FATF and everything to do with PTI’s lust for unbridled unconstitutional power,” he said addressing a press conference here yesterday. 

“This legislation is against the constitutional rights and civil liberties of Pakistanis. These laws were about turning Pakistan from a Democratic State to a Surveillance State. This legislation was about surrendering the privacy of every Pakistani to the government. It was to give a licence to the government to breach into everyone’s phones, bug every car, every drawing room, every bedroom and wherever the government so wishes.”

“But the opposition does not want Pakistan to become a draconian state. The opposition is against money-laundering, terror-financing, but it will under no circumstances allow anyone to turn Pakistan into a fascist and dictatorial state. The opposition has already cooperated completely over FATF related legislation without any question. But if this government wishes to become Hitler and impose a dictatorship, it cannot be allowed,” he lambasted. He said the opposition is completely against money-laundering. But he said it will not allow another noose in the government’s hand. Ahsan said it won’t let the government pass law that it can abduct anyone over a handwritten receipt from a money-changer and declare that person missing for 90 days without an arrest warrant or the right to bail.

He said these laws are anti-constitutional rights, anti-business and anti-investment.  Ahsan slammed Imran for accusing PML-N debt for Pakistan’s economic crisis. He said the PTI government took more than Rs 10,000 billion debt in less than 2 years. PML-N did not take that much in 5 years and whatever amount it loaned, it spent on productive projects, not into debt like PTI.

He said Imran Khan is not only the most corrupt prime minister of the history of the country but he is also the biggest ever patroniser of corruption mafia even to be in power. Accusing the opposition while he and his friends made trillions in foreign funding, sugar corruption, wheat and flour corruption, medicine and fuel corruption.

Ahsan said Imran Niazi’s lies knew no bounds. But the starving Pakistanis due to inflation can’t be fed with Imran’s lies. The millions unemployed people won’t get jobs with Imran’s lies. Poor Pakistanis won’t get medicine with Imran’s lies, the cut in education by the government won’t disappear with Imran’s lies.

Ahsan warned that Gilgit-Baltistan is an extremely sensitive region which is under the microscope of Pakistan’s enemies who are waiting for opportunity to destabilise it. He said any attempt to influence or meddle with or rig the November Elections in Gilgit-Baltistan will have grave consequences for the country, he warned.