The basic flaws and loopholes found in Zero Point Interchange are being highlighted in major dailies these days, which is good. At this crucial juncture of the construction, some technical modifications can be made to incorporate requirements of the citizens of Islamabad. One assumes the NHA and Islamabad Traffic Police would work for removal of the basic flaws. The expectation that this interchange should be a masterpiece of construction is not unreasonable. After all, it has to provide equal and smooth accessibility for the vehicles approaching from all connecting sectors at Zero Point junction. The citizens have a right to inform CDA about their opinion about the project design and even offer suggestions in this phase. It is being made with public money. Once it is built with all its flaws and defects, the public is the one that has to suffer its use. The stakeholders would be well advised to pay serious heed to flaws being pointed out by the public. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, April 8.