Indian Premier League cricket matches are being played in India at various stations. This League and the Indian Cricket Board deliberately insulted Pakistani cricketers by first inviting them and then overlooking them totally in the bidding. This was all done under a well thought out scheme to humiliate Pakistan and Pakistani players. It was good that none of the Pakistani channels is showing these matches. However, they can be seen on some other foreign channels. Often on these channels we see Indian actors and actresses, former cricketers and other luminaries sitting among the spectators. Most of them have been invited by the IPL authorities. I was deeply disappointed to see Wasim Akram in the crowds of the many of the matches. For me it was quite disturbing to see him sitting in isolation. He was never invited for expert comments or commentary on the game. No body ever sat beside him from Bollywood. He was never seen sitting beside Indian or other international cricketers. In other words he was being looked upon. I wonder why did he go to India. MUNAZZA SHAHRUKH, Dina, April 19.