LAHORE - PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) leader Riaz Fatyana has predicted that the next general elections will be contested among the PML-N, PPP and Musharraf-led alliances while the demand for midterm polls is expected to grow stronger the next year, as the ban on the chief of a political party for taking part in active politics will end this year. He expressed these views while speaking at 'Meet the Press function at the Press Club here on Monday. Fatyana, who is also Chairman Standing Committee of National Assembly on Human Rights, said that he would challenge the clause of 18th amendment, which exempts the political parties from holding intra-party polls, in the Supreme Court. He proposed establishment of a fund that should be utilised to assist the contenders for national and provincial seats belonging to middle classes, as the establishment of this fund would end the blackmailing of the feudals and capitalists, who controlled the political parties with their huge financial influence. Expressing his concerns on the elimination of concurrent list, he said that the federation would weaken due to its elimination. He said that parliaments committees should be formed to address the issues of energy, population, poverty, unemployment, and law and order following the trend of the parliaments committee on constitutional reforms. Honest and upright persons at the helm of the affairs were necessary for ensuring good governance in the country, as without following this principle good governance would remain a dream, remarked Fatyana. He said that getting energy from thermal resources was being discouraged in the entire world, but our governments main source of acquiring energy was thermal. He proposed that the government should make efforts on war-footings to convince the international community for establishing nuclear power plants for the purpose of energy, while at the same time the government should also employ its efforts for the construction of new dams as hydel energy was still the cheapest source of acquiring the electricity. The 'Q Like-Minded leader said he along with his colleagues in Parliament was working to bring some drastic changes in the law of First Information Report (FIR). He said that they were working on a proposal regarding FIR, according to which an accused in the FIR should not be arrested till the time the police had sufficient evidence of his/her involvement in the crime. Regarding the local bodies polls, he said that the Punjab government had not announced the date for the next local polls, and a new clause should be inserted in the Punjab local bodies law, which fixes a date for the local polls when district governments complete their term in office. Expressing his disappointment on non-provision of Zakat in the Punjab, he said that except Punjab, Zakat Councils were working in all the three provinces while non-functioning of Zakat Councils in the province was a sheer violation of human rights. He said that law-enforcement agencies were topping the number regarding human rights violations, while the minorities were a second-degree citizens in our country. Talking about the UNO report on Benazir Bhutto assassination, he said that martyrdom of PPP chairperson had given a major setback to country and demanded arrest and exemplary punishment for those who were involved in this heinous crime. About the chances of any adventurism of the Establishment, he said that the Establishment could not afford to seize the reigns of power at this stage. On the issue of terrorism, he said that all the religious schools should be nationalized to deal with this issue. Fatyana said that it was the need of the hour to convert the country into a welfare state, as the successive governments failed to make our motherland a welfare state in the last 62 years.