I have recently written about the constitutionally disadvantaged position of the tribal and northern areas. The attached articles (an edited version of those published in media on 24th & 28th of March 2009) suggest the following remedy. What is required is not just the strategic use of force or economic development as a possible means of establishing peace in the troubled tribal and Northern Areas of Pakistan. What is required is an integration of these areas into the body politic of Pakistan through a multi-faceted approach involving constitutional, legal, administrative, political, economic and social reforms while preserving the customary rights and distinct cultural identity of the inhabitants to avoid their forced assimilation. The starting point should be reversal of the constitutionally disadvantaged position of these areas. A wonderful opportunity has been lost in the 18th amendment to bring about the required constitutional reforms in respect of the tribal and northern areas. However, blaming the so-called leaders (installed by the powers that be to serve their personal interests) and name calling will not help. What we need to do is to intensify the lobbying effort to achieve this goal in the 19th amendment. A massive media campaign on the issue may pave the way for such an amendment. -TARIQ, Islamabad, April 16.