ISLAMABAD (APP) Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said Pakistan can really play a pivotal role for the stability of Afghanistan as a stable Afghanistan is in its interest. In an interview with French daily Le Figaro, Prime Minister Gilani said Pakistan wanted a stable and prosperous Afghanistan, adding that it has historical, cultural and geographical commonalities with Afghanistan. To a question about Pakistans role in ending the Afghan conflict and talks with Taliban, the PM said Pakistan is part of the solution of Afghan conflict as the leadership of both the countries wanted a home-made solution to the issue. Afghan President Hamid Karzai did call on us and he had strategy for reconciliation. Now we have to see his plan and of course with the US and we both can see his plan and vision and want a home-made solution to the Afghan issue, the Prime Minister said. He said Pakistan did not interfere in the internal matters of Afghanistan rather wanted to support them. About the arrest of Mulla Baradar and other Taliban leaders, the Premier said there is no distinction between good and bad Taliban. Terrorists have no religion, they are enemies of the humanity and we are against them, he said, adding that Mulla Baradar has been arrested and that is not the turning point and even before this we have targeted the high value targets and arrested a lot of high profile people. The Prime Minister disagreed with a question that Pakistan is not doing enough to crush terrorists. He said the successful military operations in Swat, Malakand, South Waziristan and Fata have a lot of success stories where the strong hideouts of terrorists were destroyed and they are now on the run and hitting the settled areas. About Pak-US objectives in the war on terror, Gilani said, We have common objectives and that is terrorism and extremism and we want to work together with the US because our objectives are common. About drone attacks and transfer of technology, he said Pakistan has conveyed its concern to the US as Islamabad wanted to isolate Taliban from the local tribes and, therefore, the US is looking into it, adding that it would be more productive if the drone technology is used by Pakistan. About nuclear programme and its security, the PM said Pakistan has a better image and the world has appreciated Pakistans nuclear programme and its security. About any deal with the US for civil nuclear technology, the PM said, Our discussion is still going on but at the moment, we are just discussing it and there is nothing concrete. About Pakistan-France relations, he said, I did meet President Nicolas Sarkozy in Washington and we have excellent relations with European Union countries. Pakistan wants to further improve and strengthen its relations with France, he added. Both the countries have good defence cooperation and Pakistan also wanted to build and strengthen its economic relations with France. The Premier said at the moment, Pakistan is passing through a more difficult time due to power shortage. This problem has led to riots in the country, he added We want peaceful nuclear facility to meet our domestic requirements, he said. When asked about anything expected from France in the nuclear sector, he said in fact, Pakistan wanted access to the EU market. To a question regarding challenges for the government after the 18th Amendment, the Prime Minster said the challenges are either way but it will really facilitate democracy. If institutions are strengthened, it would strengthen the democracy and people, he hoped. He said the democratic forces have corrected the anomalies of dictatorial regimes which is a great achievement. About priorities of government, he said his priority to stabilise the economy, as Pakistan has suffered a lot due to the war on terror and because of it Pakistan is hit badly on the economic front. About the United Nations report on Benazir Bhuttos assassination, Premier Gilani said the legal experts are examining the report and after discussion, a decision will be taken. About Pakistan-India ties and dialogue process, the Prime Minister said before the Mumbai incident, we were smoothly working on composite dialogue with India. But after that incident, the composite dialogue had been stalled, he added. Gilani further said he had positive meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at Sharm el-Sheikh. We wanted to assure India that perpetrators of the incident would be brought to justice, he added. When asked about possibility of a meeting with Manmohan on the sidelines of the upcoming SAARC summit, Gilani said at the moment, no such meeting is scheduled but let see when we visit Bhutan.