LAHORE - Director Sheikh Khajo Bhai and Co, Sheikh Abdus Sattar has made a fervent appeal to the Chief Minister Punjab and Inspector General Police, Punjab to direct the police authorities concerned to recover his looted goods. Despite registration of an FIR, police are using delaying tactics to recover looted stock and machines from the nominated four accused, he told a news conference at the Lahore Press Club on Monday. Revealing the facts regarding the theft Sheikh Sattar said some 20 to 25 persons came to his factory at Sundar Adda, on Multan road on April 18 and they made staff hostage. The alleged persons took away stock and precious machines worth Rs 11.5 millions from the factorys warehouse on trucks. He said that he had lodged an FIR with Manga Police but the police authorities were not cooperating. He said that he had nominated Arshad, Shahid others in the FIR. Answering a question, Sheikh Sattar said that the nominated dacoits were his staff members some years back, adding some dubious persons were following and scaring him. He appealed to the Chief Minister and IG police to provide him life protection besides ensuring recovery of his looted articles.