ISLAMABAD Haris Steel Mills fraud case The Supreme Court on Monday directed Haris Afzal son of Sheikh Afzal to transfer his moveable and immovable assets to Bank of Punjab (BoP) within three days. A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chau-dhry, Justice Ghulam Rabbani and Justice Ch Ijaz Ahmad while hearing a case of Rs 9 billion Haris Steel Mills fraud case, observed that keeping in view the national interest, the court was taking extraordinary steps in this regard. National exchequer has been looted, the court observed. Khawaja Haris, the counsel for the BoP, apprised the court that required property was not transferred to BoP as earlier had been signed in General Power Attorney (GPA). He said that Haris Afzal and Fareeha Afzal were creating hurdles in this connection. Haris Afzal informed the court that CIA abducted him from Lahore when the National Accountability Bureau released him after 86 days detention. He said that it was not possible for him to fulfil his commitment as BoP and NAB harassed him and his family members. The bench asked the BoP and NAB to avoid such illegal practices and not to arrest Haris till further order of the apex court. Khawaja Haris, the counsel of Bank of Punjab (BoP), told the bench when property would be sold, sale the details would shared with Sheikh Afzal. He apprised the court that Sheikh Haris has not signed the attorney of power in favour of BoP for the last two and half months, so his property could not be vacated as ordered by the apex court. He informed the court that the accused was not cooperating with them. He submitted a memorandum of understanding on behalf of BoP stating that highest biding of the seized property would be accommodated. He informed the court that value of Sheikh Hariss property was Rs 1.2 billion including the two houses where Haris family was resided. Sheikh Haris Afzals counsel Uzair Bindari informed the court that NAB and BoP were harassing the family of Sheikh Afzal. On his request the court abstained the NAB and BoP from harassing Sheikh Afzals family and ordered them to cooperate with the NAB and BoP for the recovery of outstanding amount. Fariah requested the court that her family should be allowed to continue her stay in the two houses, however the court turned down her request and ordered the NAB and BoP to vacate the property of Sheikh Haris Afzal by adopting respectable and dignified manner. Seth Yaqbooss counsel, AK Dogar, argued before the court that the NAB had no jurisdiction whatsoever even under NAB ordinance to take such steps against any citizen of the country. He was of the view that the NAB was not authorised to initiate any inquiry against Seth Yaqoob and his sons, Salim Yaqoob and Wasim Yaqoob. He informed the court that his client had already paid back the money as was ordered by the apex court. On courts order, Seth Yaqoobs sons appeared before the court, however they submitted the medical certificate of their father before the court. Sheikh Afzals counsel Dr Basit was arguing before the court, however the court was adjourned till today (Tuesday).