GLASGOW (AFP) Walter Smith hit out at the Scottish Premier League for what he perceives to be the unfair treatment of Rangers in the post-split fixtures. The Rangers manager lashed out at the SPL after it was confirmed his side will face their next three fixtures away from home - against Hibernian, Dundee United and Celtic - after league bosses promised him two years ago no club would ever face that situation. Smith believes it is just another example of the imbalanced treatment his club has suffered since the split was introduced ten years ago. The Gers gaffer was also furious his side will have to travel to Tannadice for the third time this season. Smith pointed to the fact Old Firm rivals Celtic have never been asked to play the same opponents away from home three times in an SPL campaign while Rangers have faced that scenario on seven occasions, meaning they been treated unfairly in terms of where they play the top teams in the league. The Ibrox boss also let rip at rivals Celtic who complained last year about being treated unfairly with regards to Rangers fixture run-in and said the club are now set to formally approach the SPL with their concerns. Its quite a complicated thing to understand. Its a hell of an imbalance when you see it, said Smith who watched his side close to within two points of their second successive championship with a 2-0 win over Hearts at Ibrox on Sunday. The fact that we have to go to Tannadice three times and we are having to do that nearly every time then there has been an imbalance in the split. Youve got to ask why, if Celtic and ourselves are treated in the same manner, have they never had to do that at all and yet weve had to do it. Especially last year when they were kicking up a fuss about being treated unfairly when its patently obvious that its Rangers who are being treated unfairly and not Celtic. He added: The whole thing about the split is impossible to do. When the human element comes in, there has to be a question as to why Rangers have to do it so many times and Celtic have not. Other clubs are having to do it so many times and Celtic havent and they are the ones who were doing the complaining. The thing that annoys me about the three games being away from home this year is that when we had the season when we had our run to the UEFA Cup final [2008] we were told nobody would be asked to play three games at home or away at any given time. It was one of the reasons for moving fixtures and not extending the season. Now they have given us three when it suits them so I cant understand that point of view. Somebody, somewhere, is actually making the conscious decision to do that, forgetting they had told us the opposite. We will put in a letter asking about this.