FAISALABAD - The government should take concrete measures on war-footing basis in order to overcome the energy crisis, said Sh Abdul Qayyum, President FCCI during a meeting with Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore. Presidents Chambers of Commerce and Chairmen Trade Associations of Punjab were also present at the occasion. He further said that power generation units should be operated with full capacity in order to cover 5,000/MW shortfall. The hydel, coal and wind energy power projects should be started with immediate effect. He highlighted that in order to strengthen the economy and enhance the exports it is mandatory to provide the electricity and gas to textile units on priority basis across the board, so that the millions of workers associated with textile sector could earn accordingly. He pointed out that the closure of industry will result in agitation by the labour class which will further deteriorate the law and order situation. President FCCI stressed the need to provide the additional 100/mmcf gas from SSGC to SNGPL. He pointed out that the power generation plant imported from Abu Dhabi to be installed at Faisalabad should be in adequate condition. The government should ensure its proper condition accordingly and a surveillance committee should be formed by Pepco for the installation of the said plant, wherein a representation to FCCI should be given, he added. President FCCI demanded that the electricity supply companies having less line losses should be preferred. He requested to the CM Punjab that the consensus should be developed between provinces over the construction of Kalabagh Dam Project. The said project should be started on war-footing basis without any further delay, as the feasibility of the said project had already been prepared. The government should motivate private sector participation in Hydel Power project on Public-Private Partnership basis. He highlighted that if the government is serious to enhance exports, it should reduce the cost of business. Besides, banks mark-up and electricity and gas tariff should be reduced, he said. President FCCI suggested that the traditional bulbs should be discouraged and utility of energy savers should be appreciated and it should be subsidised accordingly. He told the CM that due to the FCCI efforts, the strike call for 30th April, 2010 by the trade associations and labour unions had been postponed. He said it is the prime responsibility of the government to provide smooth supply of electricity and gas to the industrial units, otherwise, unemployed labour would come on roads, which will deteriorate the law and order situation. NAAT COMPETITION Muslims must follow the footprints of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to win the blessings of Allah Almighty in this and the world hereafter, said Tanvir Safdar Cheema, Chief Executive Officer Fesco. He was addressing a Naat competition organised by Fesco at headquarters level here on Monday. He said that Allah Almighty created this world for the sake of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is special blessing of Allah that we are the followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). More than 23 persons participated in this competition. They included: Ata Rasool, Javed Iqbal, Niaz Muhammad, Bashir Sialvi, Hafiz Asad, Rao Asif Manzoor, Hafiz Abu Bakar and others. Later, Chief Executive distributed prizes among the winners and judges of the competition.