KARACHI Solox maintained their winning spree in Swiss Team Event of Karachi Bridge Championship. Solox comprising Saleem Zaki, Imad Sayeed, Ghulam Muhammad and Anwer Kizilbash first sidelined Candyland 20-10, then defeated Essa 19-11 here the other day at Aslam Memorial Hall at National Stadium. They faced Ghaffar IV but gave them a good beating 24-6 and in the last match of the day, Solox played winning draw thus sharing 30 VP equally. Solox scored 78 VP. Foxy having AK Bhurgri, Farhat Abbas, Mazhar Ali Khan, Raza Naqvi and M Azwerul Haque finished third with a score of 67 VP to their credit. Foxy won two matches 16-14 from Mushahid 21-9 from Hyderabad and drew level in next two matches. Yousuf Gheewalas team finished third with a score of 66 VP. This team comprised Zafar Zaki, Wajahat Suri, Kader Sakaria and Shahab Khan. In the pairs, Ghulam Muhammad and Anwer Kizilbash kept moving towards the top with a rhythm and at no stage, they were seen rushing towards the top which act sometimes cause flat stumbling. They won the title with a score of 64.84%. The pair of Raza Naqvi - Mazhar Ali Khan scored 61.90% just a shade above Dr Ahmed Hasan - Mushahid Siddiqui 61.61 percent.