Waiting for a loved one is an awful feeling. But if you have to wait for them, knowing that they are in a very dangerous place, is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. And the relief that you experience when the loved one returns safely is beyond expression. I feel for the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of the men we lost in Siachen and pray that they find peace in the afterlife. The ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) has released the list of those 139 soldiers trapped underneath the glacier. Those 139 men belong to every nook and cranny of the country. I have seen reporters taking interviews of the fathers, sons, wives and sisters. While some had tears in their eyes, some did not have the strength to talk. But I was surprised to see that there was not an iota of regret. As I write this letter, the rescue operation is still underway. These 139 men have actually given us hope. A hope for peace! A hope for harmony and strength! I have read memoirs of soldiers who had gone on to become generals of Pakistan Army. These 139 men have made that same journey. For me all those 139 Jawans have now become Generals.


Karachi, April 19.