ISLAMABAD  - The PARC is focusing on emerging issues for advancement of agriculture sector with special attention towards agriculture research that is must for ensuring food security in the country.

“Recent paradigm shift from green to gene revolution, from conventional agriculture to high value agriculture and from domestic to global markets have underscored the need for strategic research on technologies,” PARC DPR Ghulam Mustafa said. He said PARC has taken several initiatives to reform National Agricultural Research System.

The council would be taking care of germplasm availability, distribution and testing, rust initiatives, global interactions, improve national wheat research system and coordination with provincial research system; develop resource conservation technologies with collaboration of international research institutes, he added.

Mustafa said the vision 2030 of Government of Pakistan (GOP) envisages “developed, industrialized, just and prosperous Pakistan through rapid and sustainable development in a resource constrained economy by deploying knowledge inputs”.

This vision is being operationalzed through series of Medium Term Development Frameworks (MTDF) similar to five year development plans, he added.

Sardar Ghulam Mustafa said that being an apex research organization at federal level and responsible for conducting, coordination and promotion of agricultural research, PARC has the mission of poverty reduction through science-based improvements in agriculture productivity, profitability, and competitiveness to ensure food and livelihood security for all in an environmentally sustainable manner.

He said after 18th amendment, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture was devolved from July, 2011, however, realizing the significance and importance of agriculture sector new Ministry with National Food Security and Research Division to develop and implement strategies for national food security.