Karachi – Financial year 2011 proved to be a year of record performance for FWBL as bank posted a pre-tax profit of Rs. 400m, says a press release. Total deposits of the Bank increased from Rs 10,195m to Rs 13,815m while Total Advances portfolio reached the height position of Rs 7,901m.

CEO Shafqat Sultana expressed her satisfaction over the performance of the Bank. She said that the Bank provides quality service catering to the special needs of women in the country.

 The theme of the conference was Connecting Vision to Reality with Strategic thinking, planning & action.

The changing environment requires us to make our business strategies and innovation processes more flexible, more agile and more participative. A corporate strategy should no longer be seen as an ultimate solution, but rather as guidelines, directions that contain options or scenario’s to enable the steering of future acting or non –acting. Strategy is dynamic & must respond to the realities of the environment & market and should not be considered fixed, she said.

The Conference was attended by the Divisional Heads, Regional Business Heads and Branch Managers from all over the country. Strategies were discussed and line of action was formulated to achieve the December 2012 targets. Later Ms. Shafqat Sultana awarded the management and staff for their outstanding performance in the year 2011.