RAWALPINDI - PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed had said that the country is passing through crises only because of the mismanagement, corruption and friendly opposition, which is regularly keeping mum on every critical issue.

“Pakistan is a country rich in natural resources. If we really want to steer the country out of the crisis, then all the political parties should get united and make one economic policy with consensus,” he added. Mushahid was addressing the business community at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) while presenting the economic revival plan of PML-Q on Thursday.

RCCI President Jawed Akhtar Bhatti, Senior Vice President Raja Amir Iqbal, Vice President Chaudhry Amer Iqbal Ahmed, group leader Najamul Haq Malik, former presidents and other members were present on the occasion.

Mushahid said that the private sector could play a very important role in national economic stability. “Currently our country is facing energy crises but it is only because of the mismanagement, corruption and so-call opposition. There is a need to manage all the natural resources, as we have electricity, gas and oil as well,” he said adding, “We have to focus on white color criminals who are doing corruption in millions but no one is checking them.”

He said that all the political parties have to make a strong policy for education and taxation for five years and has to follow it strictly so that our business community should have trust that this policy wouldn’t change with the change of government.

He said that there was a need to make special economic zone in the country and to protect them if we wanted to generate business activities and to facilitate our business community. The PML-Q Secretary General said that Pakistan Railways and Pakistan Steel Mills have been destroyed and still in crisis only because of mismanagement and corrupt elements there.

He said that one must have to finish corruption and favouritism from these departments if we want to make them strong. “There is a need to give Pakistan Railway to China for three years, as they have best railway system,” he added. 

Seyed said business community should also come in politics to raise their voice and to solve their issues and to force the government to make strong economic policy, as we couldn’t make strong foreign policy without economic stability. 

He said our economic policies were very strong during our tenure. We have the team of experts now again we have to come to solve the issues in the country.  While addressing the gathering, RCCI President Javed Akhtar Bhatti said that if the government and all political parties unite on one economic policy, we would be able to solve our all issues.

He said that this is the responsibility of the government to finish corruption and to make all the departments strong but government is not willing to solve the crisis and to make this country crisis free.

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