ISLAMABAD – Anti Narcotics Force has named prime minister’s son Ali Musa Gilani and seven others as additional suspects in Rs7 billion scam of ephedrine chemical substance.

Through a 23-page investigation report, ANF Rawalpindi region director Brig Fahim Ahmed Khan Thursday informed the Supreme Court that the new suspects also include PM Gilani’s Principal Secretary Khushnood Akhtar Lashari and Ministry of Narcotics Control acting Secretary Zafar Abbas Luk.

A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is hearing the case and the ANF officials say their investigations have led them to Ali Musa Gilani, who allegedly used his position to get two pharmaceutical firms, M/S Berlax and DANAS Pharma, to secure illegal quota for the chemical’s import.

The ANF Thursday submitted additional documents in the court under rule 5 order XXXIII Supreme Court Rules 1980. The other four accused named by the drug control agency are: MNA Mian Abdus Sattar and his colleague Anjum Shah, drug controller Sheikh Ansar and deputy drug controller Abdus Sattar Suhrani.

The agency has already initiated investigation against 10 persons: Dr Rashid Juma, Iftikhar Ahmed Babar, Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Ihsanur Rehman, Tanvirul Hassan Shirazi, Chaudhry Abdul Waheed, Ansir Farooq Chaudhry, Col (r) Tahir Alwadood Lahoti, Muhammad Hashim Khan and Taqueer Ali Khan.

Brig Fahim stated that M/S Berlax and DANAS Pharma administration claimed to have manufactured 21 crore 80 lac and 8 crore 50 lac tablets respectively but there is no genuine record at their offices supporting their claims. The lower staff and other supplier of raw material do not support the stance of the companies, he added.

“The manufacture of the Berlux tablets and consumption of the ephedrine as shown by them has been found fake and bogus when verified on ground by investigation team of ANF.”

Brig Fahim said there were other 20 companies waiting for allocation of their quota of ephedrine but due to influence of Ali Musa Gilani, the Prime Minister Secretariat, PM House Lahore and Multan, and Mian Abdul Sattar, allocation to these two companies was processed very fast and out of the turn.

Ephedrine is a stimulant that is used medically to treat asthma, other allergies, low blood pressure, and narcolepsy. But it is also used world over in preparation of such dangerous killer drugs as heroine and cocaine.

Ali Musa Gilani’s role in the illegal allocation of quota for this dangerous substance, which investigators suspect could have ended up in the hands of drug cartels, serves as a reminder to the Iraqi Defence Minister Ali Hassan Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti’s role in the 1980s and 1990s in the killings of Kurds. A first cousin of Saddam Hussein, he was dubbed ‘Chemical Ali’ by Iraqi Kurds for his use of chemical weapons in attacks against them.

Brig Fahim stated that Zafar Abbas Luk took over the charge as acting secretary of the narcotics control ministry with an ulterior motive to sabotage and mislead the investigation and distort the evidence to rescue Ali Musa Gilani, Tauqeer Ali Khan, Mian Abdul Sattar and Khushnood Lashari, and he had acted ferociously for this cause.

Brig Fahim told the court that Narcotics Control acting Secretary Zafar Abbas had replied to accused Rizwan Ahmed in response to his application and on the direction of Islamabad High Court “no direct evidence about misuse of quota by DANAS Pharma has been established/found as per his inference,” basing on fake inquiry report.

“While giving such a reply to an accused, the secretary totally and deliberately discarded the evidence against the accused already collected and placed on record before the trail court. Such action of acting secretary of Ministry of Narcotics Control is an open conspiracy against the ANF to dismantle the institution,” he added.

He alleged that acting secretary was wilfully committing conspiracy and had associated himself with the accused in this case. He also stated that the narcotics control ministry as well as government machinery was harassing the witness from health ministry and other lower staff to force them to backtrack on their statements/version made before the investigating officer in this case.

“Surprisingly the government machinery is getting the statements of the prosecution witness recorded U/S 164 Cr PC by pressurising the government officials which must be stopped,” Fahim added.

He said that ministry of narcotics had given incomplete details of the case to law ministry on the basis of which the law ministry on March 30 replied to the narcotics ministry that the present case is outside the purview of CNS Act, 1999, therefore the narcotics secretary on April 30 asked the ANF to forward the case to Drug Regularity Agency of Pakistan for further action under the Drug Act 1976.

Fahim also revealed that disregarding the court’s April 10 order, Zafar Abbas in his capacity as ANF director general has transferred ANF HQ Director Brig Akhtar Mahmood to assets branch and director assets Syed Marwat Ali has been posted as ANF director.

He stated that ANF had filed an application in the apex court against the posting/transfers because it was the clear violation of court’s April 10 order. Fahim also mentioned that a letter on April 16 was received by fax in ANF headquarter through which a ban has been imposed on ANF barring it to release the amount allocated for cash awards without prior approval of narcotics secretary. He contended that the allocation of ephedrine quota was the violation of the United Nations Convention.

In Chemical case, ANF names Ali