LAHORE – In a situation when about 16 hours loadshedding is hitting the people across the country hard, the newly established Energy Management Cell (EMC) has chalked out a load management plan, remaining within the available generation capacity, for four hours shutdown in big cities with almost no blackout for main industry during the summer season.

The target, however, can be achieved when there would be the proper following of the decisions announced in recently held National Energy Conference and cooperation of the countrywide electricity consumers in consumption of electricity, said the member of the EMC Ijaz Rafique Qureshi here on Thursday.  Ministry of Water and Power established EMC on March 30 and the cell has started work to manage loadshedding under the chairmanship of former PEPCO MD Tahir Basharat Cheema. After the dissolution of the PEPCO, the EMC has been established to ensure sufficient fuel stock by exercising due vigilance in close coordination with IPPs and GENCOs and PSO for no or minimum loadshedding regime.

Coordination with DISCOs to endorse the schedule of load management in true spirit and maximum utilization of available capacity in most effective manner to streamline power generation are other tasks of the EMC. Qureshi said the EMC has been working since April 4, 2012.  “The EMC Committee will evolve effective and viable plan to augment power generation and subsequent implementation of load management and would come up with specific recommendations to reduce loadshedding and prevent forced loadshedding,” he added.

The other members of the EMC are Rafique Butt and Masoor Akhtar while one from each DISCO.  “If the energy consumption measures are adopted efficiently, the duration of the loadshedding can be brought to minimum level with four hours shutdown in big cities while there will no loadshedding for industrial sector,” held Ijaz Rafique.

The EMC within days arranged 76 MMCFD gas for four IPPs around Lahore viz Sapphire, Orient, Halmore and Saif - adding 400MW to the system-while 35MMCFD gas especially diverted from under shutdown Roush power station to KAPCO - adding 130MW to the system. Ijaz said the EMC improved oil supply to KAPCO and Muzaffargarh (GENCOs) by adding 200MW to the system. About management at DISCOs level, he said that DISCOs required to improve collection and for the purpose their target had been fixed at Rs30 billion for April 2012. Coordination with the provincial government for speedy recovery and assurance that no revenues were stuck-off in the banking cycle were the other requirements form the power distribution companies, he said. He said that EMC had divided consumers into 16 categories and with even the running load of 10,759MW, the cement industry, continuous processing industry and textile industry were exempted form the loadshedding.