KARACHI - Karachi Electric Supply Company has prepared a comprehensive rain preparedness plan and advised the general public to follow maximum safety measures during the predicted heavy rains and storm during next days in the metropolis.

In the meanwhile, the KESC has taken all possible steps to get prepared in view of the upcoming rains, said a spokesman of power utility.

Public awareness on rain hazards, reinforcement at control rooms and call centres, setting up of emergency maintenance teams and coordination with various related government agencies at local level are a few salient features of KESC’s rain preparedness plan.

KESC has advised the citizens not to touch water-soaked or fallen electricity wires, wet poles, and to stay away from standing rainwater pools. During rain they need to avoid touching electric poles which may be harmful if there is leakage of current.

Citizens also needed to keep away from standing rainwater pools which could catch electric current unexpectedly and to refrain from touching wires and electrical appliances with wet hands. The general public needed to fully understand their role to protect themselves from any electricity-specific harm in an emergency situation.

KESC has asked the general public to immediately inform the utility’s call centre 118 if and when they confront a rain-related emergency like standing water around electric installations and poles or broken and fallen wires. KESC has expressed its full commitment to redress public complaints and customers’ grievances in rain emergency situation.