BAJAUR AGENCY - Unidentified militants blew up a government-run school in Sharifkhana area of tehsil Nawagai on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, sources said.

Locals said that some armed men entered the building of Government Boys Primary School outside the village and planted explosive devices in the all parts of the building. “The school was fully destroyed after the bombs went off with a big bang,” Fazal Hakim Khan, a resident of the area, told this correspondent.

The local administration has confirmed the incident. An official of the local administration Tariq Khan, Assistant Political Agent Nawagi sub division, said Thursday that the building was completely destroyed.

He said that watchman of the school was not present at the time of blast and he was at home situated near the school. “Soon after the incident, the administration launched a search operation in the area and 10 persons including some locals were arrested,” Tariq Khan added.

Since May 2011, this was the first government-run school destroyed by the unidentified militants. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the incident, but the officials alleged that militants had blown up the school.