LAHROE - The students of GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Abdul Moeed Niazi, Khurram Chohan, M. Junaid and Waleed Saqib have developed an electric thermostat for geysers under the supervision of Dr. Junaid Mughal, Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering GIKI.

The conventional Geysers in most of the houses are used for hot water supply. These Geysers are quite common and there is no possibility that they will become obsolete in the coming 10-15 years. While they supply hot water, a large amount of energy is lost in heating water when hot water is not required by the user. The purpose of the project is to design an Electric Thermostat for household Geysers in order to prevent energy loss. Our project serves as a substitute to the old mechanical Thermostats which are controlled manually as the water is heated only when it is required.