The rescue operation at the Gayari site is being carried out round the clock since an avalanche hit the base, the ISPR said Friday. Rise in temperature has not only increased the chances of slides being triggered onto work site but has also made plant work difficult due to soft melting snow. Work is being hampered by large boulders. Site is being expanded to bypass these boulders and continue excavation work. Norwegian team conducted steam test followed by aerial shoots of the avalanche site for map work to be utilized by engineers during excavation of the site. The team has completed its work and there is no major deviation from existing findings. A total of 503 personnel including 425 military, 78 civilians along with 25 heavy machines are employed on search and rescue effort. Water level in the blocked channel is rising quickly due to rise in temperature and resultant melting of snow. Excavator is working to widen existing seepage from channel. However, no major breakthrough has been achieved so far. Wapda team has completed hydrological survey of the blocked water channel and has recommended immediate excavation of the channel to route the water. Ground penetrating radars and geological technical experts are assisting rescue efforts.