LAHORE – The Kiryana Merchants Association has said that no meeting of Price Fixation Committee was convened during last eight months, consequently there is huge difference between the actual rates of commodities and the rates fixed by the government.

The merchants body has urged the DCO to convene Price Fixation Committee meeting at the earliest as officers of the district government are creating undue troubles for the shopkeepers on prices issue.

The kiryana Merchants in a meeting with LCCI Senior Vice President Kashif Younis Meher said that almost a year ago there was a practice that the government facilitates a monthly meeting of retailers and wholesalers in the city and both sides were used to sell their goods on agreed prices with 10 per cent profit margin under the vigil of the authorities but since no meeting took place, the difference in the government price list and the prices in the whole sale market is very wide.

Therefore, there is a need that the DCO should intervene in to the matter and provide some relief to the small businesses as registration of cases against the small shopkeepers on the prices issue has not only causing unrest but also leading to the closure of businesses. They said that on the one hand the government wants to bring down the graph of unemployment and claims promoting entrepreneurship while on the other is creating undue troubles for the businessmen.

The Kiryana Merchants informed the LCCI Senior Vice President that there are 30,000 kiryana merchants in the city and all are being forced to sell their goods as per government price list that is quite low in comparison with the prices in the wholesale market.

They said that since no meeting of Price fixation Committee had been convened in the last eight months and during this period the prices in the wholesale market have jumped on higher side while the retailers are being forced to sell their goods as per government price list which is quite unjustified. The delegation was led by LCCI former President Bashir A Buksh.