Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani inaugurated the three day national polio campaign here in Islamabad on Friday.

On the occasion‚ he administered polio drops to the children under the age of five years.

Launching the three day polio campaign here on Friday, Prime Minister urged media, civil society organizations, parents and society to come forward and play their due role by leading awareness campaigns as well as ensuring that every eligible child is reached with polio vaccine during every polio campaign.

“The role of the parliamentarians to lead the initiative in their respective areas is of utmost importance. The media has a vital role to play in motivating the people and empowering them with the right information”, he said. 

He said that Polio was a formidable danger to the life and future of the children.

He assured the world “ we would continue to wage struggle against threat of polio until every child of ours has been immunized against the risk of suffering this deadly infection.”

The National Emergency Action Plan, which was developed in consultation with all Provincial Governments and the international partners, introduced comprehensive strategies to stop the rise in polio cases, he said.

He said that there has been significant improvement in the situation and the country has reported far fewer cases compared to the same period last year.

“Polio virus seems to have been restricted to fewer areas and key challenge of inaccessibility in FATA is being met with an excellent civil-military coordination mechanism. We must ensure that all children moving out of FATA are immunized at special polio points at agency borders”, he said.

He also appreciated Punjab government for its performance in restricting spread of polio virus.

He called upon all the Chief Ministers, Governor Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Prime Minister of AJ&K to keep this issue on the top of their agenda and ensure their personal involvement and leadership in the campaign.

He said that the Imams and religious scholars must take up this social responsibility to educate the masses on the rights of the child and duties of parents towards their children as enshrined in the Islamic teachings.

“Today Afghanistan and Pakistan remain the last two polio affected Muslim nations on the globe with countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Egypt having eradicated the disease over a decade ago”, he said.