LAHORE - The PML -N has decided to make more active and enlarge the organisation of the party in the Gilgit, Chilas, Skardu, Cohistan etc with an aim to playing a concrete role towards peace and establishment of brotherhood in that part.

The decision will not only serve the purpose of harmonising varied sects in that part to the cause of peace but also enable the party to deepen its roots and spread them to villages and towns levels in the said areas, said reliable sources in the PML-N.

They say during his visit to Sakardu, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif met and received input from leaders, ulema and representatives of various groups and sects and understood that peace and tranquility in Gilgit and other parts was indispensable for the protection of people as well as for the sake of development of the areas. Sources say the PML-N already has a party structure in major cities like Gilgit, Swat etc and now their scope will be extended to the villages and far-flung rural localities. Former Chief Minister Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, who is well familiar with the area and enjoyed good reputation among the people, is like to be made incharge of the large scale organisation of the party, they said.

Sources say during his visit to Skardu, Nawaz Sharif held meeting with the people of cross section and speaking to them lamented failure of the PPP government in maintaining law and order in that areas and for neglecting the brewing situation which reached the climax of sectarian riots in Gilgit and adjoining parts.

Nawaz expressed serious concern over the situation and feared a spillover effect of the same to other areas as such he felt urgency about controlling the situation. Sources say in order to ensure peace, suggestion of forming committees to defuse tension and create harmony is also under consideration.

It is pertinent to mention here that PML-N has two seats in Gilgit Biltastan Assembly where PPP in alliance with PML-Q and MQM is in the rule. Sources further disclosed that newly entered leader and former PML-Q Khyber PK President Ameer Muqam set up PML-N party office in Shahgla and Malakand to expedite mobilisation of party workers. The sources also claim that some PML-Q parliamentarians in Gilgit-Balistan Assembly are in contact with PML-N and have expressed their leaning to this party. They claim that a major headway in this regard is expected in the coming month.

In view of the fact that PPP is ruling in AJK and GB, the PML-N has evolved a strategy to keep it in close coordination in these areas.